The Path

A Drink To Remember

One by one, the town’s people begin to fill up the tavern. A warm gloom of candle lit rooms and large fireplaces leak from the windows of this cozy shack. More and more people gather within, slowly, as sun transforms to moon. Some may call it a coincidence, others may call it fate. Either way, you all arrive to the tavern on that night. From all ends of the earth, you find yourselves at the doors of this iconic structure.

Before you go through the wooden doorway, a large half-orc steps in front of you, completely blocking your way.

“Before you go in, I will need your weapons, and any armor you may be carrying. We have had trouble before, so don’t cause any problems.” He said in a harsh, broken voice.

Gäuļan Rhaã causes problems and gets beatup by the orc. Losing his money in the process aswell as his dignity
Scorched also fights back, he suffers the same fate as Gäuļan Rhaã.
Snowy finds 5 Kiane when he enters, leaving him with 35 Kiane in total.
All the other adventurers enter in peacfully.

All of these belongings are dropped on to a large table, no mercy was shown to them as a large thud erupted when they hit the surface. The other guards made their way towards the table, rummaging through your things.

As you walk up the creaky steps of the humble entrance, you can see it all. Above the doorway is the name of the tavern elegantly craved onto the arc. Hadđibųr Tavern, the loud music flows into you, like flash flooding in a small valley. Everything seems perfect for a good drink and a festive night.

The place is packed, almost all the seats are taken, and tables are filled with drunkards and the odd nobleman. The only place left is the patio, where the liveliness of the night is toned down. Your only choice is to waste the night away in that room.

The night goes on, and suddenly the bard is playing some rather odd music. It drastically changes, the once happy and joyful entertainer is now going off the rail. His pleasant songs are turning into rants and angry monologues. Getting on tables and shouting in people’s faces. You grasp your mugs much tighter now, a cold shiver goes down your back, and the candle lights start to flicker. Then suddenly, the light gloom of the tavern shatters to complete darkness. Only the moonlight drops rays upon the walls of the old shack. The bard starts to play again, slowly and quietly. From the darkness, only the faint glow of his face is visible. As he chants in a foreign language.

You enter the main hall of the tavern, what once was packed with people, is now empty. Leaving only empty mugs and toppled chairs. The moonlight is enough to see, the bard is not what he once was. One can no longer call him a bard, but more of a beast. An undead being emerged from the darkness, bones and dangling flesh were the remains that stood where the bard once did. His instrument is wielded like an axe and the demonic chants seem to have no end. You must kill this bard.

Throlian Týr uses a mug to carry some of the purple dust with him, he thinks it might be worth something.

The dust of the bard starts to fade. You feel relieved, and only now do you feel as though you are safe. But you hear something. From behind the counter of the bar, small thudding against wood starts to reveal itself from behind a door. You go to investigate. When you open the door, there is a fleet of stairs. You see a shadow pass from the top of the staircase through another doorway. You follow it, when you reach the doorway you are stopped. A long grey beard is completely obstructing your view.

An old man stands before you. He introduces himself as Sautin Ajarb. He does not tell you much other than the fact that you have done well.

“Not many can fight as you did without weapons, or armor. This is why I request your help. For years our small town Tiane has been plundered and pillaged by an ugly pest. The sewage goblins have ruined this town. They have taken everything and driven the people of Tiane to reduce themselves to common criminals just to survive. I may not be rich, but if you help me, you will be rewarded with much more than just money.”

“I will loan you some weapons and armor, for a deposit of course. You may stay in the inn for as long as you like, free of charge. Tomorrow morning I will explain what you must do, for now just recover from tonight’s events, my friend Kyùrg Estrõ will show you your rooms”

A figure approaches from the doorway that you have just entered through. His face illuminated with the candle light reveals his true identity. The bard from downstairs has come to you, with his flesh, skin, and even his clothes. His original instrument hangs over his shoulders with a leather strap. He has returned, but the purple dust still seems to follow him as he walks.

“Come with me. Your rooms are down this hall.”



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